Making Kids Money Masters

Who is Walter the Vault?

Hey there! I’m Walter the Vault. I am here to teach kids like you all about money.

You will learn that money is used to pay for things that you want and need. You will learn how to become a smart shopper and a good saver. You will learn the importance of helping others who are less fortunate than us.

I will teach you how to make wise decisions about money and, at the same time, make sure that we both have fun doing it!


“I’m Walter the Vault, I’m friendly and nice,
I’m filled up with rhymes and financial advice!”

“Save your nickels, save your dimes; listen well to all my rhymes.
If you do, it’s me you’ll thank, it’s money in your bank.”


Wait before you spend any money.

Take a moment and step back from the situation. Waiting before you spend gives you a moment to gather your thoughts. Sometimes, when you rush into a decision, you may make the wrong choice. Instead of being in a hurry to buy something, take your time.

When you see something you want, write it down. Then wait three, four, or five days. After several days, if you still want it, you buy it. But, many times, after waiting, you realize that it’s something that you can live without. It’s better to save that money instead.

So, the next time you are faced with a decision to spend money or not, Wait!


Ask yourself questions. Or ask questions of your parents or teachers.

If you are in a store, about to buy something, ask yourself, “Do I really need this or is it something I just feel like buying? Ask yourself, “Am I better off putting the money into savings, instead?”

Ask your parents, “What are some ways that I can earn more money?” or “Where should I put my savings?”

Ask your friends, “Do you want to trade any old items that you no longer want or use?”

Ask your parents, “Are there extra chores that I can do around the house?” or “Where can I donate my time and money to help others?”

Remember, when you need to know something, Ask!


Look around for opportunities.

Look for opportunities to save money by buying things when they are on sale. Look to see if there are discount coupons online or in the weekly newspaper. Look to see if your friends, family or classmates have things that they may want to trade. Look to see if there are people in your neighborhood who need help. Looking around will open your eyes to new possibilities. Look!


Think before you buy. Think about whether the item is affordable. Thinking will help you make a better decision. “Think” means that you should use your brains before you act. Don’t just do something because the idea just popped into your mind two minutes ago. Think about how you might feel about your decision in a day from now or even a month from now. Tomorrow, will you look back and regret the choice you made today? Remember, before you act, Think!

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