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Follow Walter the Vault and you can learn how to earn, save, and spend responsibly! But more importantly, Walter also teaches you what money can’t buy like friendship and health!

Walter the Vault Episode 1

Walter believes that it can be fun to teach kids about what money can buy. If you start young and make it fun, we can make your dreams come true!

Walter the Vault Episode 2

This week Walter teaches us that money can’t buy everything. It’s important to know the value of money, but it’s more important to know about your own values!

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Fox 5 NY Interview

Karen Tenenbaum is interviewed by Fox 5 NY speaking to the important of teaching children about money.

INVENTORS OF TODAY’S TOYS AND GAMES: Marlene Hochman interviews Karen Tenenbaum of Money Masters

For years, the inventors have stayed out of the public eye! But now it’s time to meet the new toy inventors on the block.

"I Am Walter the Vault!"

Walt the Vault Meets the Pumpernickles

"Save Your Nickels and Dimes"

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