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Olympics Fun with Kids

August 7, 2021

Growing up I was fascinated by the Olympics: the pageantry, the different events, the athlete’s stories about their hardships, the victories and their perseverance. One of my first memories was of the USA Men’s Ice Hockey team winning the gold at Lake Placid. Now my two daughters are just as enchanted by it all. 
Last week, we watched the opening ceremony with some of their friends. We wanted them to get excited and engaged and even learn a few things about the Olympics. We purchased medals and some small US flags from a local party store. We got home and my two girls worked together to research and created a mini Jeopardy trivia game. The categories were:

  • Japan
  • US Athletes
  • Olympics

And they sprinkled in some fun facts about the Olympics. My oldest dressed up, wore one of my suit jackets and acted as the game host. Some of the questions the kids knew right away and some stumped them.
Here are some of the questions my girls came up with:

Category: Japan:

1) What year did Tokyo first host the Olympics? Was it the Summer or Winter games?
2) What is the unofficial national flower?
3) What is the most popular sport in Japan?

Category: US Athletes:

1) Which athlete representing Team USA in 2021 is the youngest?

  • A. Katie Grimes- swimmer
  • B. Hannah Roberts- BMX Freestyle
  • C. Caroline Marks- surfing
  • D. Nevin Harrison- canoeing

2) Which US athlete won a silver medal for speed skating in 2014, plays baseball in this Olympics and is the flag bearer for the opening ceremony?
3) Which US athlete has won the most medals in the Olympics?

Category: Olympics:

1) What year were women allowed to compete in the Olympics?
2) How many sports are played in the summer Olympics?
3) Where was the first Olympics held?
Once a player answered 2 questions in a row, they got a fun fact card. Some of those cards read: Fun Facts:1) California has the most Olympic athletes representing Team USA in 2021 with 126.
2) The United States have won over 250 medals in Men’s Track and Field.
3) Women competed in tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism and golf in the first Olympics.
All in all, the kids had a blast and were shouting Team USA, Team USA, Team USA!

Answers: Japan: 1) 1960, summer 2) cherry blossom 3) baseball US Athletes: 1) Katie Grimes 2) Eddy Alvarez 3) Michael Phelps Olympics: 1) 1900 2) 33 3) Athens, Greece

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