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Help Kickstart “Walter The Vault”: Teaching Kids About Finance

October 25, 2014

It is important to be fiscally responsible in order to succeed in the adult world. Thus, teaching children the importance of finances from the time they are young will likely have positive effects on their futures. Even though math-related subjects can be perceived as boring, complicated and even intimidating, a few enterprising individuals have created ways to teach children financial lessons in a fun and entertaining way. “Walter The Vault” is an example of such character-driven, finance-focused, entertainment-education.

“Walter The Vault” was created by Karen Tenenbaum, a tax attorney whose career is to help adults in financial distress. Walter makes learning about money fun for young kids. Owned and operated by Money Masters Inc., the series aims to use books and products like plush toys, games, and technology-driven media to teach children the skills that they will need to be fiscally responsible adults. “Walter The Vault” teaching topics include investment, savings, earning and budgeting. All “Walter The Vault” products are fun, kid-friendly, interactive, and based on the philosophy: “Start Young and Make it Fun!

The creators of “Walter The Vault” have launched a Kickstarter campaign that is seeking people who are willing to donate between $9 and $2,000. This money will be used to fund the first series of children’s books including covering the expenses of hiring an editor, an illustrator, and having the original texts developed into eBook form in order to load them on several platforms.

The link can be viewed here:

Anyone who pledges more than $99 will be acknowledged by name in the back of a “Walter The Vault” book.

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