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Press Release: Money Masters Inc. Releases New Innovative Website

May 3, 2017

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Press Release

Money Masters Inc. Releases New Innovative Website


Melville, NY, May 2017: Money Masters, Inc. released a new website for Walter the Vault with eye-catching graphics, catchy songs and fun activities. The new website,, combines fun with financial literacy.

Walter the Vault is an animated character who teaches children about money and finance in an engaging way through songs, poems, activities, coloring pages, puzzles and games. Parents can learn about financial literacy and how to incorporate these tips to teach their little ones to save, invest, donate and spend wisely. Co-founder, Karen Tenenbaum says, “I have seen people in financial distress and I realized we have to teach children about money so the next generation can make wise financial decisions. The key is to start young and make it fun.”

Money Masters, Inc. expects to experience an increase in Walter the Vault’s following on their Facebook page and website due to more enriching content. In addition to information about financial literacy, you can listen to Walter the Vault’s songs, purchase activity booklets, utilize interactive coloring sheets and word searches, play Walter’s memory match game, and read blog posts about current issues within the world of finance.  


About Money Masters, Inc.

Money Masters, Inc. brings the fun to financial literacy using the lovable animated character named Walter the Vault. Walter the Vault teaches children to become “Money Masters” to make wise decisions about money. As “Money Masters,” they will learn how to save and spend responsibly, invest wisely, set written goals and make financially enriching choices while having fun through games, puzzles, music, activities and more. It is vital that children start learning the importance of financial literacy at a young age.



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