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Budget Friendly Ideas For Kids This Holiday Season

December 3, 2014

Hello Everyone,

The holiday season is upon us, which can lead to big spending. Don’t worry, here are some tips for kids to help them earn and save money during the busy season.

Selling old toys and books:

Before your kids start receiving all their new gifts, consider selling or donating some of their old toys and books. This helps children earn some cash while also clearing out old items that aren’t played with as much, but are in good condition. You can find local businesses in your area or sell toys online.


Give baked goods as gifts:

As a child, I rarely had money to buy gifts for my family. Instead, I baked cookies and cakes for my family and friends as a holiday gift. It’s a cost effective way to show your loved ones how you care.

Create your own decorations:

Whether it is signs for your front door or making your own ornaments, creating your own decorations can be a fun and inexpensive family activity.

Click the images for a few decoration ideas to get your family started:





Create your own gifts:

After you finish creating decorations, you can make your own gifts. Some classic ideas are making picture frames, cards and candles. These gifts are heartfelt while also being easy on the wallet.

There are many ways to save and spend less during the holidays. Share your favorite ideas for staying budget friendly during the holiday season.

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