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June 13, 2022

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Article By: Kelly Kirk-Xu & Emily Stevens

We’ve all dreaded our household chores at one point or another. Alas, they are a necessary evil to keep our homes livable and our items in good shape. Of course, the adults will be doing chores, but many parents are conflicted about whether they should rope their children into doing chores, too. If you feel conflicted about introducing chores into your child’s daily routine, Walter the Vault is here to give you three reasons they could be a great addition to your child’s life.

 They Help Your Child Learn Important Life Skills

Once your little one is not so little anymore, they will have to start taking care of themselves. (Have you heard about the kids who go off to college without and knowledge of how to make their beds or do laundry – the struggle is real!)  Chores are an essential part of self-care in adulthood. This is why learning how to do them properly from an early age can be so beneficial for your child! Chores are an excellent opportunity to help your child learn essential life skills like cooking, cleaning, and managing their finances.

They Encourage Independence and Confidence

As your little one develops the critical life skills that chores teach, they will create a sense of responsibility and confidence in themselves. This sense of responsibility and self-confidence will encourage your child to develop their problem-solving skills. Chores are a great way to gently foster independence in your little ones, giving them the self-assurance necessary to properly take care of themselves when the time comes for them to spread their wings.

They Can Be a Great Chance to Bond

Let’s be honest here; anything is more fun when you do it with someone you love. Cooking together, folding the clothes, or washing the dishes can be an excellent opportunity to take a moment to truly be with your little one. You can make the experience more fun as the two of you learn, laugh, and take care of your home together.  With a positive attitude, you may even look forward to spending this time together and organizing your home.  

A huge part of becoming a money master is taking care of the things you spend your money on. Chores are an essential part of doing this. They don’t always have to be a piece of your day you dread, though. Make it fun for both yourself and your mini-me. Chores are a great chance to create memories and take care of the place you call home.

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