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Counting Those Blessings: Thanksgiving Edition

November 17, 2020

2020 is not like any ordinary year. With a historical event that is the COVID-19 Pandemic, there were many things that changed our mindsets on what is to come.

It definitely has not been easy for us, but imagine how children are doing? How are they feeling about all of this? A lot of their events, school activities, sports are postponed or cancelled. With video conferencing becoming the new normal, kids are not having their usual socialization like they did in school.

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season quickly approaching us, it is time to reflect on this year and to think about your blessings and what you are thankful for. Have your kids join in too, since this will be a fun family activity to reflect on the positives.

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When I was a kid, I remember in school where we would create a “Gratitude Tree.” We would make a bark for the tree and include its branches. After that, we would create leaves and write what we were most grateful for. Not only can adults do this, but it is a great project for kids to do during holiday season, especially during this time of year.

Most kids are not the sentimental type since they are still maturing. It is important to teach them on counting their blessings and the spirit of the season which is giving and spreading joy.

Another way to teach them the importance of reflecting on the positive is to read them Count Their Blessings by Stan and Jan Berenstain. A fun way to enter the lives of The Berenstain Bears and see how Mama and Papa bear teach Brother and Sister Bear the importance of ensuring the blessings in their lives.

You can purchase this book here on Amazon.

Lastly, since we are in the season of giving and spreading joy to others, another great way to teach your kids on the importance of counting their blessings would be by donating to charities. Since it might be more complicated to assist Soup Kitchens due to the Pandemic, you can certainly research on how to lend a helping hand by social distancing or by simply offering a donation.

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Toys for Tots is a great way to start. Toys for Tots has boxes set up across the United States asking for donations for a wrapped toy for kids of all ages. The timeframe to donate is from October 1 – December 17, 2020. If you cannot find any collection boxes for Toys for Tots, please click here for their website to find out more details. Another great addition this year is due to the Pandemic, you have the option to send a toy virtually! Click here to find out more on how to donate a toy without leaving your home.

This time of year, Pandemic or not has always been special for all of us. A time to visit family and friends, a time to get together share food and laughs. The best thing to do is to reflect and teach your children how a setback such as COVID, does not mean things will continue to be bad. The spirit of giving will bring joy to you and your family. Sit down, count your blessings and enjoy living in the moment with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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