Making Kids Money Masters


Introduction to financial literacy for kids

March 1, 2013

Money, money, and some more money! Why does it seem everything is about money? Spending and saving is something we all do or try to do in our daily lives. Isn’t it necessary for children to do the same, or at the very least to at least think about?

Meet Walter the Vault. Walter is a “Money Master” and a fun, animated character here to help. He teaches children the basics of financial literacy such as how to save reasonably, spend responsibly, invest wisely, give appropriately, and budget regularly. By following Walter the Vault, children can become Money Masters.

Karen Tenenbaum is the Founder and President of Money Masters, Inc. (Walter the Vault). Her ultimate goal is to teach children how to make responsible and informed decisions about money. She believes kids should learn about money in a smart and fun way. For example, Walter the Vault explains in animated videos what money can and cannot buy. Through episodes, songs, and advice from Walter, children have the opportunity to quickly pick up money saving tips and start applying them to everyday life.

The Walter the Vault Blog intends to teach children the value of money and everything that comes with money in a kid-friendly way. It is important for children to distinguish the difference between a need verse want. A child may think he/she needs a certain toy or video game, but what is the child’s reasoning for the thought? Walter will offer tips on how to create an appropriate budget for children, fundraising ideas, activities to do throughout the year without spending too much, and skills learned from saving money.

It is never too early to start saving and keep track of finances and budgets for children. To keep up with the latest Walter the Vault news and updates, become a fan on Facebook, follow Walter on Twitter, and watch the latest Walter the Vault episodes. Explore the site and sing along to the Walter the Vault songs!

Next time, Walter will begin to discuss how real-life situations that children encounter can be used to teach them about money.

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