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Is your child an “accidental consumer”? What you can do for in-app purchases

June 7, 2021

Children these days are more technologically savvy than ever before. Kids tend to use smart devices as early as the age of 3 years old to entertain themselves. The question is, are your devices and accounts secure?

Since kids are now commonly using smart devices daily, they are more than likely connected by an associated account which is home to your credit card(s) and other sensitive information.

Ensure that your child knows while playing these games, that they are mindful of what in app purchases are. Some games such as Disney Emoji Blitz or even Roblox have features that require spending money to get boosts in the game. Some kids might not even realize that they are actually charging your account.

If your child wants to purchase add-ons for their games, set up a budget for them and always have them ask you for permission. You need to hold your child accountable if they are wanting to make purchases. You also want to make sure that they do not have purchasing capabilities without your consent. Each device has a setting, check the settings accordingly. Settings vary from each device.

During the pandemic especially, kids have been playing on various devices and games unsupervised for several hours more than usual.

Parents claim that Roblox and other apps have been making children unaware what they are doing. If unmonitored, it can contribute to financial ruin to their families.

Good news is the company, Roblox has been made aware and are doing the best they can for future preventive measures. A Roblox spokesperson told The New York Post: “Roblox strives to prevent children from making unauthorized purchases and have rigorous safety measures in place to make it harder, such as not storing full billing information, displaying clear warnings at the time of first purchase, and a permissive refund policy.”

It is integral that you talk with your children the importance of awareness when they are playing these games. Ensure that they do not fall victim as an “accidental consumer.”

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