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Saving Money in the Summer

June 27, 2022

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Article By: Kelly Kirk-Xu & Emily Stevens

Do you struggle with saving money once the weather warms up and the kids are out of school? Trust me when I say this- you are not alone in that struggle. That is why Walter the Vault has developed three tips and tricks to help you save some money this summer!

Save on Your Electricity Bills

It can be tempting to sit in the cool AC, streaming your favorite TV show, and blasting a cooling fan in your face during the hot summer months. However, this can certainly run those electricity bills through the roof.

Take small steps to reduce your electricity use, like turning the air conditioning up a few degrees (or using no air conditioner at all, just open the windows and let Mother Nature be your fan!).  You can also opt to air dry your clothes in the warm sunshine rather than using the dryer, this can save you a decent amount of money this summer!

Find Free Fun in Your Area

Just because you and your kids want to fill your summer days with exciting activities doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on summer fun. There are tons of activities you can enjoy for cheap or free in your area, like:

  • Taking a hike
  • Hanging out at the park
  • Taking a swim at the beach, a lake, or the community pool
  • Joining in on community fun
  • And so much more!

Travel on a Budget

Your summer vacation doesn’t have to leave you in a pile of debt! Do your research before you travel to find the best deals on your hotels, flights, and more. A few other tips for saving some money on your summer vacation include:

  • Responsibly using credit cards that offer cashback or rewards for traveling
  • Finding accommodations with complimentary breakfast
  • Buying a few groceries, so you don’t have to eat out for every meal
  • Finding fun and free activities to do at your travel destination

Making your kids’ summer vacation one to remember doesn’t have to break the bank! Use these tips to have a fun, budget-friendly summer and create happy, stress-free memories with the whole family!

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