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Should You Spoil Your Grandkids?

April 11, 2022

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Article By: Kelly Kirk-Xu & Emily Stevens

Grandchildren are one of the greatest joys in a person’s life. They fill up any room they enter with giggles and joy and can help you see the magic in life again.  As you have gotten older and realized just how valuable each fleeting moment is, getting to be with your grandchild feels just that much more special.

It’s only natural to want to give that cute face everything their heart desires. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the reason their grandchild’s eyes light up, or for that ear to ear grin, or for those happy giggles? But, what happens when the spoiling gets out of hand?

Over-indulging your grandchild can lead to a number of issues within the entire family, including:

  • Behavioral issues
  • Boundaries being crossed
  • Tensions arising

Nobody wants to encounter this. That is why Walter the Vault has developed three tips for spoiling your grandchildren in a way that benefits everybody!  Balance is key – and it’s good to make sure short-term choice lead to long-term success.

Prioritize Experiences and Memories Over Material Items

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking your grandchild needs every new toy or outfit you see in the store. They deserve it, right?  They’re so cute!!  However, this habit can create expectations from your grandchildren that can actually impact their relationship with impulsivity, patience, and delayed gratification! When your grandchild grows to expect a gift every time they see you, the relationship can suffer.  If you ever DON’T give the a gift, they may feel disappointed.  Its almost like you mistakenly conditioned them to expect gifts from you – when, really, you want to share and spread love.  You want them to appreciate your time together.  This is why you may benefit from spoiling your grandchild with fun experiences and activities over gifts and material items. Together, you will build memories to last a lifetime.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Grandparents are known to indulge their grandkids every once in a while. Put your heart into the little indulgences, like taking the kids for a trip to grab a Happy Meal, letting them have that extra scoop of ice cream, or picking up that goofy Congratulations card when you’re feeling proud of them. Little things can add up to grand memories of the love you have for your grandchild.

Spoil Them with “I Love You”

You can’t go wrong with showing your grandchildren a little affection. Let them know just how much you love them through little acts of love. Tell them you love them and what they’re doing well. Write them a letter when you’re thinking about them. Show off their little pieces of art on your fridge. Making your grandchild feel special through little acts of love and attention will go a long way.

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