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Turning Negative Thoughts Toward Money, Positive

May 9, 2022

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Article By: Kelly Kirk-Xu & Emily Stevens

Do thoughts about money leave you feeling anxious, irritable, or overwhelmed? Sometimes, our childhood or even young adulthood can impact our entire outlook on money, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to anything dealing with finances.  The bad taste can also make us less likely to face our money problems.  We may avoid them, since it’s such a horrible topic to think about… which can lead to even more problems!  

When you have a negative relationship with money, it can be difficult to teach your child healthy money habits. No worries! Walt the Vault is here to help you turn those negative thoughts positive.  A wise person once said, “if you are prepared, you don’t have to be scared”.  So prepare yourself and your family with money skills that will last a lifetime.

Keep a Journal

One of the first steps to turning negative thoughts positive is to build self-awareness around them. Keeping a journal is a great way to observe your thoughts and figure out ways to turn them around. It can also be a great way of keeping track of your relationship with money. In a journal, you can keep track of your emotions and thoughts about money, the way you have felt about it in the past compared to today, and your money goals for the future.

Begin with Short-Term, Easily Achievable Money Goals

Starting with easily achievable goals and gradually making them more difficult is a great way to build your confidence in money. Write down a small money goal and allow yourself to bask in the glory of achieving it.  It sometimes may even make sense to break that small goal into even smaller goals.  Get your goal to a place where you’re comfortable taking the first step – then start from there!  Build up the momentum and make your dreams come true.

Know Your Long-Term Money Goals

When you have long-term money goals to work toward, it can help you create smaller plans that will get you closer to your ultimate end goal! As you take each step closer to achieving your greatest money dreams, allow yourself to celebrate and watch as your relationship with money takes a turn for the positive.  Your end goal may end up changing along the way (which is totally fine!) What’s most important is to just get started down the right path.

Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes, our money issues go much deeper than anything we can work through ourselves. There is no shame in seeking the help of a professional to build a healthier, more positive relationship with money!

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