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Uh-Oh! How to Prepare for Halloween at the very Last Minute

October 30, 2018

Halloween creeped (no pun intended) on you and is tomorrow. Are you prepared? Halloween requires a lot of supplies to ensure a ghoulish time such as candy, costumes and decorations. I am going to teach you how to do this all last minute. (No pressure)



Candy should be the easy part. For Trick-or-Treaters, they’ll take anything with sugar. Target has an excellent Halloween display in their shops as well as Walmart. You can easily spend less than $10 on candy for Trick-or-Treaters, that’s if you do not eat all their candy first and need to buy more…



We’re transitioning into a difficult category, costumes. Ditch the cat ears and whiskers, try something original. If you have the time and the option, try visiting a Spirit Halloween store, they have a lot of costume accessories that you can find. Spirit Halloween is currently e-mailing 20% off one item coupons when you sign up for their updates.

Not willing to spend a lot for a last minute costume? You can look in your closest to see what you have. Try to wear clothes with distinct colors that can distinguish a character such as blue and yellow (Snow White) or black and white with stripes (Beetlejuice).  You could also use make up as your costume, for example you can be “Facebook” like Jim Halpert from The Office. Last minute DIY costumes really spark your creativity. Have fun, be creative, try to go for puns.



Decorations might be hard the day before, but fun and doable. If you are like me, you have decorations stored from last year and can put those up. However if you are wanting more spooky decorations, check what your local Target has. Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS tend to have Halloween decorations up until Halloween, so you should have some options. You can’t go wrong with orange and purple lights, spider webs and tombstones.

Something that will be fun when Trick-Or-Treaters arrive, try finding a candy bowl that makes sounds or movements. For instance, the candy bowl with the hand that gets cranky whenever someone puts their hand in the bowl, always a classic hit.






Boo to you and Happy Halloween!





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