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Walter The Vault’s Kickstarter Campaign

October 15, 2014

Hi Readers,

Today is a huge day for Walter the Vault because it’s the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. With your contributions over the next 30 days we’ll be able to finance our first book The Pumpernickels Meet Walter the Vault.

As co-founder Karen Tenenbaum tells it, her first sign that it was important to teach children financial literacy came with her own daughter:

“Her 5 year old daughter put a real quarter into a vending machine and was thrilled with the toy that came out – a plastic coin! The fact that her daughter was happy to have traded real money for fake money was an eye-opener. She knew her daughter, and virtually all children, had a lot to learn about spending, saving and finance. The idea for Walter the Vault was born. And it became Karen’s mission to teach young children about money.”

The team at Walter the Vault appreciates all your support in this campaign.

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Help us reach our pledge goal while Walter’s lessons teach children to become financially responsible adults.

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