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Your Stress Free Holiday Shopping Guide for 2020!

November 19, 2020

I know what you are probably thinking, how is it November already? Didn’t this year just start? For a year that feels like it has been going on for an eternity, we still always feel that the holidays are constantly creeping up behind us!

If you have not started your Holiday shopping yet, do not stress! We are in the golden age of technology and have a plethora of ways to create that extra special holiday magic for our family and friends.

Organization is Key

For me personally, I have to write a list of the people I plan on buying gifts for. That way it is organized and I know who I need to shop for. Another thing, write down what you bought them and where you placed their gifts. I cannot tell you how many times I buy something for someone for the holidays and I totally 1. forgot about it or 2. misplaced it. Do yourself a favor and write it down or even create a note on your cell phone.

Don’t Go Overboard

I think this is easier said than done. Since this year is chaotic and a lot of uncertainty with the current economic climate, do not stress on extravagant gifts. A simple gift card or even a homemade gift can do the trick to express your love to your family and friends. I love sending cards to my family and friends for the holidays and it is a nice inexpensive to spread love and joy during the season.

Start Checking for Deals

I swear Black Friday is coming earlier and earlier each year. Take this as an advantage for your holiday shopping. Does your niece want the new Squishmallow plush? Or does your son want a new set of wireless headphones? Now is the perfect time to start checking for door busters and holiday deals at your favorite retailers and department stores. The best part? You could probably do most of the shopping online!

Major retailers such as Target and Kohl’s have holiday shopping catalog “gift guides” for your own shopping pleasure. A great guide to help you keep your shopping list organized.

When in Doubt, the Internet is Here to Help

Last year, 90% of my holiday shopping was done online. Amazon, became one of my closest pals. You can find a lot of great gifts that you never knew that existed with a simple Google search. Does your sister love Lighthouses? A simple search of “Lighthouse gifts” in your internet browser can help you uncover dozens of beautiful one of a kind gifts that you can never find in stores.

Online shopping has been super easy to navigate and the ultimate stress free experience during the holidays. Take advantage, shop at your favorite stores. See what they are offering. That was easy!

A pro tip, most websites offer a small discount if you sign up for their rewards program. A great way to save a few dollars while shopping online and to score some free shipping. Just remember to always pay attention to the shipping cut off. You want to make sure that you get your gifts on time before Christmas.

If You Can, Shop at Small Businesses!

Our small businesses can always use some extra love! Especially during the holiday season. Many of them deck the halls figuratively and literally with their beautiful products and store decorations.

One of my personal favorite and fun small business that is located in Santa Ana, California called Harveys is a great place to find gifts for women and men with their durable bags and accessories that are made of seatbelts! You can check them out here.

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Don’t Forget the Gift Wrap and Card

The best part for me is wrapping up all the presents and signing the cards. Did you know that Hallmark currently has deals on their roll wrap and boxed cards? For their Holiday Open house, they have BOGO 50% off Boxed Holiday Cards and Wrapping paper. Another option would be Dollar General or even Target for your greeting card and wrapping paper needs.

And that’s a wrap! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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